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Intended for giving of dry medical oxygen (гипероксической a gas mix) demanded pressure for mobile field hospitals.


It is applied together with adsorption oxygen concentrators.


As a part of the basic product the buster-compressor can be established as indoors, and in a mobile body - container. A working ambient temperature from  -40°С to +40°С.


Technical characteristics:


Superfluous pressure of a gas mix upon an input, MPa 0,4
Superfluous pressure of a gas mix upon an output, MPa 0,8
Productivity, m3/h 4,0

Electric power supply:


Alternative three- phase current with voltage, V


                                               with frequency, Hz





Wattage, kW, no more 0,8
Weight, kg, no more 68
Mean life, h 1500
Dimensions, mm 780x510x575
Operating mode unbroken, around the clock
On-stream period, days 20


Safety of work and maintenance of cleanliness of a gas mix.


Constructional materials of oxygen cavities are chosen according to GOST, the majority of details made of bronze and a brass.


Piston not greased consolidations of type of a dry friction are applied. Cuffs are made of a material on a basis of cryolon KVN-3 Cylinders of the compressor and case housing are isolated from each other «air lanterns» and liquid polyesters 130/110 are applied to greasing of the mechanism of movement of the compressor of a class perfluoropolyethers representing the neutral is artificial - the received liquid.


On an exit from the compressor the replaceable filter of thin clearing of the compressed gas mix from products of deterioration of details of cylinder-piston group (cryolon dust) is established.


Automatic switching-off of the buster-compressor at breakage of one of phases of a feeding current is provided, at decrease in superfluous pressure of a gas mix on an exit more 1б0 МPа,

at increase of maximum permissible temperature of heating of any of compressor cylinders.

Developed by: RayStudio
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