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The Scientific and Technical Complex "Cryogenic technique", JSC. was found in 1996 on the base of subdivisions of "Sibcryotechnica." Keeping the leadership in research, development and production of micro-cryogenic, vacuum and compressor equipment, air conditioning systems, cryogenic reservoirs and refrigerating equipment the STC "Cryogenic technique" satisfies the requirements of domestic industry for equipment for obtaining and using of cryogenic temperatures (up to 2.8 K) and its effects as well as technology for commercial and military applications.

The STC "Cryogenic technique" is engaged in the scientific - research, design and experimental developments and production of new equipment including government orders of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and special divisions of technique including space researches.

The STC "Cryogenic technique", JSC. consists of 6 scientific - research and engineering department – designers of equipment. The enterprise has own production basis (pilot production, production of cryogenic equipment, production of micro-cryogenic engineering and service center).

The enterprise is a scientific organization and has a permanent Scientific and Technical Council. The enterprise employs nine Candidates of Sciences.

In 2005 the STC "Cryogenic technique" certified the quality management system in two certification systems: "Russian Register" and "OBORONCERTIFICA."

At the present time, the quality management system developed, implemented and acts.

Scientific and technical complex "Cryogenic technique" performs all works on research, development, production, commissioning, training of personnel and maintenance of cryogenic equipment, products of micro – cryogenic and refrigeration engineering, and special conditioners, vacuum cryo - pumps.

Having experts with experience working with large scientific and technical projects, we can offer to the customer projects on a "turnkey" basis including: design and engineering, production of equipment and its delivery, installation, commissioning, warranty and post - warranty maintenance.


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Microcryogenic equipment
Equipment for liquefied natural gas (methane)
Cryogenic equipment
Integrated natural gas supply system
Compressed natural gas equipment
Optional equipment
Climatic and cooling equipment for ships and boats
Air - conditioners of special purpose
Shut-off regulating valves for liquids and gases
Compressor equipment
Oxygen filler
Nitrogen filler