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Design and operation of gasification complex

Purpose: for gasification of liquid nitrogen to high pressure 40 P

(400 kgf/cm2)


Application: for realization of nitrogen using technologies in oil and gas production


The complex is performed using mainly domestic components and is fully adapted to Russian conditions (allows free electric power on wells required control range of performance, features of operation in north conditions, etc.).


The gasifier complex consists of pumping and processing units equipment of which is placed on two platforms KAMAZ-4318 and connected with pipelines and electric cables.


The pumping unit consists of reservoir for liquid nitrogen, pumping cryogenic system with control box,  general electropanel and two reels for electrocables. All equipment is protected by a canvass.


Technological unit consists of following main parts:

  • kettle operating on diesel fuel and equipped with an automatic control system;
  • recirculating antifreeze pump; membrane expansion tank
  • evaporator and delivery collecting canal of production nitrogen.

All equipment is placed in van, and the van is equipped with electric illumination and heaters.

Gasification complex is also equipped with pipelines of delivery of production nitrogen, coupling hoses for liquid nitrogen and ground conductor with wires.


Filling of reservoir with liquid nitrogen is produced from extraneous tank.


Gasification of liquid nitrogen is produced by circulation of hot antifreeze supplied to the evaporator from the kettle of technological unit.


Construction diagram of gasification complex  -5/40-1200




1. Tank of diesel


8. Membrane (expansion) tank for antifreeze

15. Pipelines

22. Reservoir for liquid nitrogen    

2. Distribution panel

9. Recirculating pump

16. Coupling hose of liquid nitrogen delivery in the evaporator

23. Coupling hose of reservoir filling 001 081

3. Fan heater

10. Evaporator

17. Electropanel

24. Trap

4. Control cabinet of burner

11. Delivery collecting canal of nitrogen

18. Ground conductor wire

25. Control cabinet

5. Burner LO 550

12. Connecting branch of nitrogen delivery

19. Ground conductor

26. Pumping cryogenic system

6. Kettle -04

13. Coupling electric cables

20. Power cable

27. Pipeline

7. Air delivery pipe

14. Delivery pipelines of

production nitrogen

21. Reels for power cables

28. A truck KAMAZ 43118



Technical characteristics

Parameter designation

Number value

Volume efficiency of gasification complex at the pressure 0,1 P (760 mm of mercury) and at the environmental temperature 293 (20°), Nm3/h 

from 600 to 1200

Maximum discharge pressure, P (kgf/mc2 )

39,2 (400)

Temperature of production gase (°)

278-323 (5 - 50)

Consumption power W, no more


Duration of starting period (from the moment of switching on of kettle burner and  simultaneous "cooldown" of cryogenic pump prior to gasification), min


AC – three - phase power supply:

 - voltage, V

 - frequency, Hz





Gasification complex -5/40-1200 is a reliable basis for introduction of modern technologies using nitrogen under “Safety Rules in the oil and gas industry“ and obtain of license for corresponding works.


High mobility — reliable operation — easy to maintain!

Developed by: RayStudio
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