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The cryogenic equipment were in the use


Recovery of cryogenic equipment previously used

   Cryogenic equipment manufactured by the Omsk factory of Oxygen Engineering (OFOE) - later  "Sibcryotechnica" JSC - traditionally characterized by high quality manufacturing, reliability and long service life. In this case, the assigned service life of these products is limited to 20 years resulting in the need for decommissioning of operable reservoir or tank at the end of the period.


   The "STC "Cryogenic technique" being the successor of traditions of above mentioned enterprises including design - engineering and production base, provides services to recover the equipment previously used. At that specialists of company perform works on full range of diagnostic, recovery and modifying according requirements of the current normative and technical documentation. On recovered equipment the enterprise establishes a lifetime no less than 10 years and a guarantee - 1 year from the date of commissioning.



 Realization of recovered cryogenic equipment

   The "STC "Cryogenic technique" offers for sale recovered cryogenic equipment of type (cryogenic transport tank), (transport reservoir for liquid oxygen) and (cold cryogenic gasifier).      


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Microcryogenic equipment
Equipment for liquefied natural gas (methane)
Cryogenic equipment
Cryogenic tank
Cold cryogenic gasifier
Cryogenic filler
Stationary and mobile gasification units
Mobile cryogenic units
Gasification unit -15-120
Gasification complex -5/40-1200
The cryogenic equipment were in the use
Reservoirs for storage and transportation of liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon of type
Integrated natural gas supply system
Compressed natural gas equipment
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Climatic and cooling equipment for ships and boats
Air - conditioners of special purpose
Shut-off regulating valves for liquids and gases
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Oxygen filler
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