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Air conditioner for drivers cab of locomotive of type -10

Air conditioning objects: railway transport


Purpose: for maintaining of comfortable microclimate parameters in driver’s cab of locomotive.


Mobile air conditioner consists of:

  • condensing unit,
  • air cooler,
  • compressor,
  • control panel,
  • power unit,
  • a set of pipelines and electrical cables


Structurally, the condenser unit, air cooler and compressor are separated and made in separate units.


Technical characteristics:

  • Cooling capacity, W, no less - 4 W
  • DC power supply, V - (55 - 75)
  • Weight, kg, no more - 70
  • Refrigerant – freon R134


It works in vent and cooling mode.


It provides automatic maintenance of the specified temperature in the driver’s cab.


It has three regulation modes of ventilator rotation of evaporator.


Type of compressor drive – mechanical, from power take-off.

Developed by: RayStudio
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