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Purpose: recovery of high-pressure dry purified air in field conditions.

It allows efficient filling of cylinder with high-pressure air.


It's completed with disposable fine cleaning and air dehydration filters.


It's equipped with automatic filling pressure regulator and automatic water drain system.




Capacity, nm3/h 1,5
Maximum pressure filling, MPa 40
Quantity of cylinders with capacity 0, 75 l filling during an 1 hour, psc. 5
Weight, kg 115
Overall dimensions, mm 740 х 540 х 660
Impurity content in generated air:
- carbon dioxide, mwd  < 1
- humidity, dew point at 15 Mpa, °С   < -65
- oil miss
- solid particles dimension, mcm  < 7


Developed by: RayStudio
Microcryogenic equipment
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