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Throttled micro heat exchangers provide simple and quick cooling of special miniature dewar's sensitive element to cryogenic temperatures (<80). Cooling occurs through the boiling of liquefied gas in heat exchanger.


Used gas: high-purity dry nitrogen, other gases like argon (87K), freon 113 (192K) as well as gas mixtures may be used as cryoagents.

Operating range of ambient temperatures: -60 ... +70

Application: as a part of cylinder-type throttled microcryogenic system in range finders, sights, night viewing devices, spectrometers, defectoscopes, fault indicators, devices for physical investigations.



Fit dimensions:

D x h, mm

Compensated heat load Q, W

Micro heat exchanger for closed-circuit throttled system with uniform cross section throttle


6,15 53

to 1,2


10 100

to 2


12,2 99

to 3

Micro heat exchanger with constant pressure regulator to itself for closed-circuit throttled system


6,3 53

to 1,0


9,07 68

to 1,8


12,2 99

to 3

Self-regulating micro heat exchanger for open-circuit throttled system


6,0 53

to 1,0


6,1 70

to 2,0


6,0 80

to 2,5


6,0 100


20 200,2

to 25

Developed by: RayStudio
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