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Purpose: as a self-contained microcryogenic system operating in closed cycle and ensuring liquefaction of the ambient air and its accumulation in heat-insulated tank. It's possible to use the small-size liquefier for re-condensation and returning to storage tank of evaporating components of liquid cryogenic products with condensation temperature above 55K (argon, nitrogen, oxygen).

Consists of:

  • compressor  unit with scroll processor and control unit on the base of microcontroller;
  • cooler;
  • flexible pipelines connecting compressor unit with cooler.



Flow rate (liquid air),  l/h no less than 1,0

Cooldown time (start of air condensation),

no less than, no more than  

Power consumption ~3 phase, 380 V/50 Hz, KW, no more than 4,5
Weight of unit, kg 185
Overall dimensions, mm
Compressor unit 655 х 715 х 524
Cooler 196 х 297 х 555

Length of pipelines connecting compressor unit with

cryogenic unit, m

to 30

Duration of continuous work during ambient air

condensation, h, no less than

Helium is operating body (cryoagent) of small-size air liquefier

Cooling is water. Heat rejection from unit should be made by water with

range of temperature from 5°С to 35°С with consumption no less than 7,0 l / min

and pressure no more than 0,6 MPa.

Operating conditions:
Ambient temperature, °С from +5 to +40
Relative air humidity at temperature +35 ° С, % tо 80
Life resource of small-size air liquefier,  hour no less than 10000
Frequency of maintenance works, hour 5000

We'll develop and manufacture modifications of units with other specifications on Customer's requirements. 
We provide commissioning, warranty maintenance and after-sales service on a contractual basis during the whole time of unit operation.

Developed by: RayStudio
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