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Oxygen filler


Purpose: filling of flight life-support system with medically pure oxygen. This filler provides transfer of oxygen from cylinder with capacity of 40 l (or any other reservoir) to flight stationary tank -25150 (25 l) and to carried cylinder -2-2-210 (2 l).

Application: operation at esplanades. Filler design allows carrying out all necessary actions by one operator. Autonomy is guaranteed at any parking area in the world.




Full filling time of oxygen system, h, no more than 1
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Power consumption, W, no more than 1800
Unit weight, kg, no more than 100
Overall dimensions, mm  770 540 940
Mean life, h 1000


This filler turns off automatically at:

  • pressure drop lower than 5 kg/cm2 in cylinder-source;
  • pressure in filled reservoirs higher than 150 +10 kg/cm2 ;
  • compressor overheating;
  • electric engine overloading and power supply loss.



Piston - W-shaped - 3-stage compressor without lubrication of piston sealing. Cylinders and crankcase are isolated from each other by air "lights".


Structural materials of oxygen cavities as well as lubrication of moving mechanism conform to 12.2.052-81.

Capacity - 6 m3/h.

Maximum discharge pressure - 210 kg/cm2.  


Developed by: RayStudio
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