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Main advantages of basic kinds of natural gas application:


  • Low prices - methane is basic for natural gas and one of the cheapest fuels;

  • High heat of combustion- methane has the highest specific heat of combustion and is one of the most commonly used gaseous liquid and solid kinds of fuel;

  • Ecologic purity - while methane burning, СО2 (carbon dioxide) and Н2О (water) are combustion products, there are no heavy metal reductions, carbonic oxide, etc.;

  • Life time extension of power generating equipment - methane operating equipment is efficient for many years (there are no carbon sooty deposits, etc.).

Why don't you have natural gas available till?


Traditionally natural gas was delivered on the gas pipelines laid to settlements which have been branched off from the main gas pipeline. Despite known advantages of natural gas before other kinds of the fuel, today many settlements remain without gas because of their remoteness from the main gas pipelines or complexity of a lining of pipelines to them. It does projects of maintenance of settlement by natural gas extremely expensive. The cryogenic technology allows to supply with natural gas from one liquefaction complex liquefaction some settlements or farms.


Cryogenic technology gives:


  • heat and hot water - modular gas boiler plants or gas hot-water boilers with different capacity will supply houses and enterprises with "cheap" heat;

  • centralized gas supply for houses and enterprises - with gas supply system for settlements may be solve gas supply problems for domestic and industries furnaces and other equipment;

  • cheap electric power - gas-fired plant will provide you with electric power, cost of which is lower than average cost in Russia and even so there is no need to extend power transmission line to settlements;

  • compressed methane - technology allows carrying out of gas cylinders filling with compressed methane for technological processes at an area of consumption;

  • free "cold" - simple quick freezing plants and refrigeration systems with freezing temperature from -20 to -150°C using evaporation of cold LNG, may satisfy your requirements in storage of products, save your electric power;

  • fuel for motor transport and agricultural machinery - cheap cryogenic tanks with new design or high-pressure cylinders installed on your machinery will allow you to use this inexpensive fuel in liquefied or compressed state; filling up of agricultural machinery can be carried out directly at an operation place.

  • expensive diesel and petrol fuel economy - cooling of diesel or petrol fuels with vapors of cold natural gas in hot dry weather will prevent leakage of given fuel by evaporation.


Your motor transport and agricultural machinery can work on a perspective, safe, non-polluting and cheap kind of fuel. Installation of the additional equipment pays off till 2-3 years at the expense of economy of expensive petrol or diesel fuel.

On the basis of our technology maintenance with liquid or gaseous methane of agricultural machinery directly in the field is possible that it is the extremely difficult to carry out by means of pipeline technology. It is especially important in sowing campaign and harvest carrying out.

We offer:

  • Carrying out preproject works including technical economic design validation, development of delivery scheme of LNG, etc.;

  • Realization of full work spectrum and services on designing and manufacturing of integrated natural gas supply system according to customer's requirements;

  • Delivery of complete sets and separate items of equipment for natural gas supply system through cryogenic technology, cryogenic tanks and reservoirs for motor transport, gas-fuel equipment as well as accessories and others;

  • Completion of existing objects with special equipment for transportation, storage and gasification of liquefied natural gas;

  • Rendering assistance in organization of work with objects of natural gas supply system in settlements through cryogenic technique;

  • After-sales and extended services of delivered equipment;

  • We provide personnel training for using and handling with our equipment.



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